AeroPress Recipes


Slightly modified from James Hoffmann's Ultimate AeroPress Technique.

  1. Run the rubber plunger side of the AeroPress under water (this makes pressing the plunger smoother).

  2. Grind 12 grams of beans on the 8 setting on the Baratza Encore or 15 clicks on the Comandante C40.

  3. Boil about 10 oz / 280 g of water (you'll be using 200 g) on the stove top using a kettle (mine is this glass model).

  4. After the water is boiled, wet the paper filter in the AeroPress with a few drops.

  5. Screw the filter and cap on the AeroPress, place on the mug, and pour in the ground coffee.

  6. Quickly pour in 200 g of the hot water. Try to make sure you've wet all the grounds.

  7. Press the plunger in the top just a bit then pull back up to create a vacuum and stop the draining.

  8. Set a timer for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

  9. With 30 seconds to go, gently swirl the AeroPress (hold both the plunger and the bottom to make sure it doesn't come apart)

  10. After the final 30 seconds, slowly press the plunger down on the AeroPress until it reaches the bottom.

  11. Take off the cap, and eject the used coffee grinds into the garbage.

  12. Stir your coffee.

  13. Enjoy!

If you're curious about the AeroPress, the official site has pretty good instructions and some videos you can check out.

Fellow Prismo (AeroPress "espresso")

Using the Prismo attachment for an AeroPress you can get kind of close to an espresso-like concoction using the official recipe. I've upped the liquid amount a tad.

  1. Boil 100 g of water. You'll be using 55 g for the actual brew

  2. Grind 20 g of coffee at the espresso setting on your grinder. (I use the finest setting on the Baratza Encore)

  3. Run the rubber part of the AeroPress under some water to get it ready. Cold water is fine.

  4. Use some of the boiled water to preheat your cup. Keep the water boiling for the brew process. You want the water right off the boil when you start brewing.

  5. Attach the Prismo to the AeroPress, and set on your cup

  6. Pour in the grinds, and add 55 g of boiling water

  7. Stir for 20 seconds. (I use the AeroPress stirring paddle)

  8. Let it steep for 40 more seconds

  9. Put the plunger in the top of the AeroPress and push it through

  10. Take off the Prismo, and eject the used coffee grinds into the garbage.

  11. Enjoy your "espresso"

  12. When your done make sure to wash the Prismo and filter gently with some mild soap and let it dry.

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