I can get by working on Windows in a pinch. Using Power Toys to remap my keyboard to be more "Mac Like" with Alt Swapped for Control and Caps Lock mapped to Esc really helps.

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I use the built in Win key search as an app launcher. I use the built in Snip & Sketch tool for screenshots. Check my ChromeOS list for some of the web apps I also use for productivity.

Power Toys Settings:

Keyboard Manager:

  • Caps Lock -> Esc

  • Esc -> Caps Lock

(Optional) To make alt and ctrl more Mac like:

  • Alt (Left) -> Ctrl (Left)

  • Ctrl (Left) -> Alt (Left)

  • Alt (Right) -> Ctrl (Right)

  • Ctrl (Right) -> Alt (Right)


  • Ctrl + Q -> Alt F4

PowerToys Run set to Ctrl + Space

Misc. Settings:

Go to clipboard settings and enable clipboard history.

Go to mouse pointer and set the cursor to a custom color of black. The default black cursor option is smaller and harder to see.

Open VS Code within WSL 2:

  • In Windows Terminal, go to project folder

  • wsl code .


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