Coffee Notes & Equipment

You know how different wines have different flavors? Coffee – without the milk and sugar – can be just as varied. The origin and variety of bean can influence the flavor, as well as how the seed was separated from the coffee fruit. The roast has a major impact on the flavor, is it lighter or darker. Plus, depending on how you prepare the coffee, you can bring out more of the flavors you prefer.


Don't V60 decaf coffee. Use an immersion method like AeroPress or French Press. It just tastes weird otherwise.

Play with ratio of water to coffee, and grind size to adjust for flavor with any technique.

A good starting ratio is 1:16.

Use good water. If your water out of the tap tastes terrible, filter it or buy packaged water.

Use great beans.

Weigh everything with a scale so you can repeat good recipes and adjust in the future.

Lighter roasts are harder to extract than dark roasts, so you may need to brew for less time or grind coarser with dark roasts.

Keeping the coffee bed/slurry hot when doing a pour over is important. Using a plastic brewer helps retain heat (I used to use porcelain), and not waiting for the water to completely drain before the next pour also helps.



Electric Burr Grinder: Baratza Encore

Hand Burr Grinder: Comandante C40



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