Exercise Notes


Mind muscle connection is key.

Make sure you're not doing junk volume. Consider what reps in reserve you're aiming for.


Engage your core.

Leg Press

Focus on the quads Put your feet on the lower half of the plate, but no so low that your heels lift off at the bottom of the movement. Lower back as low as possible. Don’t let your lower back round. Get weight lifting shoes Legs should be wide enough that your knees can go to the sides of your stomach at the bottom Ask yourself, am I going low enough, is my back still tight? 10-20 rep range will be best Don’t forcefully lock out your knees

Shaul's strength standards for men

(BW = your own body weight)

LIFT Front Squat – 1.5x BW Dead Lift – 2.0x BW Bench Press – 1.5x BW


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