I currently co-host The Wastebasket podcast with Jordan Mendenhall. We discuss technology, culture, and we review movie on each episode.

I hardly have a professional podcasting setup, but I think we sound decent. These are the tools we're currently using.

For microphones, we both use Samson Meteor Mics connected with USB. I haven't tested to see if it really works, but we also use this PEMOTech pop filter on our mics.

On the listening side, I use Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II wired into my laptop. Bluetooth is too flaky, and I don't want any lag.

We call each other using Microsoft's Skype service.

On the Mac, I can record both sides of the conversation on different audio channels using the app Piezo. Jordan records his side using Audacity.

I edit the show using GarageBand on Mac and with Ferrite Recording Studio on iPad using an Apple Pencil. Using Ferrite is actually kind of fun. Definitely worth trying if you find editing on your PC a chore.

When Jordan edits the show he uses Audacity.

I prep the final MP3 file with titles, show art, and notes using Forecast.

We host the show for free on Anchor.fm, owned by Spotify.

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