1 gram protein per pound (4 cal per gram) .4 gram fat per pound (9 cal per gram) Fill the rest with carbs (4 cal per gram)

10-12 x Body Weight as s starting point for calories 2-3 months max for cut Try to lose somewhere between .5 and 1 percent of body weight per week Swap in exercises that aren’t so fatiguing. Like stiff leg deadlifts instead of classic deadlifts. Fewer sets, but potential higher reps. Deload calories should be at maintenance calories. (Add ~15% calories back).



Protein: 0.9g/lb. (2g/kg) Carbs: 2.5 to 3g/kg, about half that of peak mass phase Fat: The rest (around 1.25 to 1.5g/kg) Note: 1kg = 2.2 pounds

Maintenance phases after masses and cuts should be at least a month, up to as long as the cut itself. (60% to 100


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