French Press Recipes

French press single cup

  1. Boil water (you'll want a bit more than 8 oz / 225 g)

  2. Coarsely grind 18 grams of beans (setting 28 on the Baratza Encore)

  3. Rinse your mug and French press with warm water

  4. Pour the ground coffee into the French press (I'm currently using a Bodum 12 oz model)

  5. Pour, don't dump, 8 oz / 225 g of hot water into the French press. You can measure it, or on my Bodum that means filling it up to about a finger width below the top metal ring.

  6. Stir the coffee to make sure all of the grounds are steeping.

  7. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes

  8. Slowly tamp the coffee down with the French press plunger

  9. Pour into your mug and enjoy

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